around Nazareth

A tour around Nazareth

The Galilee, an area in northern Israel, holds a rich culture and history. Come and meet the Galilee through its stories and tastes. The views allow us to take a break from everyday life and experience a fading culture.

An area that brings all worlds together

Beyond the views, the lower part of the area offers us a chance to hear and meet some different populations who live together in harmony. Jews, Muslims, Bedouins, Circassian and Druze people who offer not only a history and cultural experience, but also a diverse and rich culinary experience. We will get the chance to taste different cuisines and hear the fascinating history of the area.

The tour:

Our tour begins with a local arab breakfast. Then, we will drive through Mount Tabor, one of the highest in lower Galilee, tell its historic and religious importance and the view around it.

We will visit a boutique winery, making award winner wines. Then, we continue towards a Jewish-Arab local factory in Kafr Kanna, which has been making Arab traditional food. We will tell the story of the village, entwined with Jewish and Christian history. We will end our tour with an authentic lunch at a local Arab home in Kafr Manda, at the foot of Mount Atzmon.

Important information:

• A group includes between 15 to 20 people (nothing less and nothing more), except special tours on demand.
• There may be changes due to weather or force majeure
• The tours are accompanied by a tour guide, who specializes in the local history and culinary and will suggest explanations and stories about the specific location.
• Tours may occur all days of the week.
• It is allowed to arrive with minibus/midibus/bus to the meeting point, at your choice.
• Departure is from the central area of Israel at 8:00 a.m. and arrival back to the central area at 4:30 p.m.

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