Tour in Nazareth:

The biggest Arab city in Israel is known for historic events which left their mark in its unique allies and structures, especially in the culinary field. Next to one of the most sacred sites to the Christian world (Church of the Annunciation), there is a culinary scene that affects the entire Israeli cuisine.

Recently, the city has experienced a rise in inside tourism and won the title – most wanted inside tourism destination in 2016.

Many Israelis have discovered the city’s uniqueness, which on the one hand constitutes an important and fascinating location and on the other hand, become in recent decade to a bustling city with of the best culinary scenes in Israel.

In addition to the regular tours, there are special tours for Christmas, when the city is decorated and gives a world experience, only an hour and a half drive away from the center.

The tour:

We will start in the Salesian monastery / Precipice mountain, where you can observe the entire city and get a first taste of Nazareth. Afterwards, as required, we begin our day with an authentic Arab breakfast. We will walk around the picturesque allies of the old city, where we will discover historic treasures and local culinary.

We will visit a boutique factory where we can taste the area, visit some of the most important and old churches of the city and end with lunch, enriched with Nazarethic traditional foods.

This is an opportunity to discover Nazareth in two ways: its fascinating history and, of course, its local authentic tastes.

Important information:

• A group includes between 15 to 20 people (nothing less and nothing more), except special tours on demand.
• There may be changes due to weather or force majeure
• The tours are accompanied by a tour guide, who specializes in the local history and culinary and will suggest explanations and stories about the specific location.
• Tours may occur all days of the week.
• It is allowed to arrive with minibus/midibus/bus to the meeting point, at your choice.
• Departure is from the central area of Israel at 8:00 a.m. and arrival back to the central area at 4:30 p.m.

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