On the way to Jerusalem

Tour on the way to Jerusalem

The road to Jerusalem is beautiful and impressive and surrounds the Judaean mountains. It is a fascinating area, enriched with Jewish and Christian history. The area includes green viewpoints which remind the views of Europe, bringing together the many vineyards, earned the name of “Little Tuscany”.

The area, called the Judaean foothills, has been famous since Biblical times to its wine industry. Nowadays, the area is experiencing a Renaissance. Many winegrowers are flocking there in order to get back to their roots, raise grapes and make an authentic Israeli wine.

The return of the vineyards brought the area back to life and today it has a large wine industry, including award winners’ wineries and special boutique wineries.

The tour:

The tour focuses on three main aspects – the local history, raw materials (including grapes) and local culinary.

We will start with a breakfast in Abu Ghosh. Then, we will visit two churches, telling the history of the local Christianity. We will head south to Beit Jimal to hear the story of two unique ancient monasteries. We will continue with a wine workshop in a local winery, where we can experience up close the vineyards and the art of making wine.

An authentic Kurdish lunch will be served at the home of a local resident in Agur and enjoy a cup of tea in Mitzpeh Masuah.

Important information:

• A group includes between 15 to 20 people (nothing less and nothing more), except special tours on demand.
• There may be changes due to weather or force majeure
• The tours are accompanied by a tour guide, who specializes in the local history and culinary and will suggest explanations and stories about the specific location.
• Tours may occur all days of the week.
• It is allowed to arrive with minibus/midibus/bus to the meeting point, at your choice.
• Departure is from the central area of Israel at 8:00 a.m. and arrival back to the central area at 4:30 p.m.

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