Tour in Jerusalem

Have you ever dived to the history of Jerusalem, the capital and holy city of Israel? The history of its streets? Its different and diverse populations? The hidden sites of the city?

This tour is a wonderful opportunity to walk around the city with a direction guidance, with anecdotes and stories that can easily disappear in regular walk about. We will travel the city and know it through its history and tastes. We will taste the best of culinary this city has to offer and reach places, that are not familiar to the average tourist.

A tour suggestion:

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Therefore, we will start with a breakfast in the historical Hansen House, with goat cheese made in Afaim farm (one of the best dairy industries in Israel). Afterwards, we continue to HaNeviim street, enriched with special structures, each one has a story of its own.

We will hear about the Ethiopian Christians who are part of the Ethiopian Orthodox church, which only a few know – but it does exist.

Afterwards, we will reach one of the city’s most beautiful viewpoints, where we take a break for tea or coffee and enjoy authentic desserts on the terrace. We will continue to the Gate of Jaffa, listen to its story and walk through the Armenian quarter, all the way to the Syrian church, which is over 1500 years old. We will reach the fascinating area of Gate of Zion, and then have a Jerusalem lunch in the bustling market of Machane Yehudah, where each one will tour at his/her own pace and enjoy the unique experience the market offers.

Important information:

• A group includes between 15 to 20 people (nothing less and nothing more), except special tours on demand.
• There may be changes due to weather or force majeure
• The tours are accompanied by a tour guide, who specializes in the local history and culinary and will suggest explanations and stories about the specific location.
• Tours may occur all days of the week.
• It is allowed to arrive with minibus/midibus/bus to the meeting point, at your choice.
• Departure is from the central area of Israel at 8:00 a.m. and arrival back to the central area at 4:30 p.m.
• The tour may be held with Kosher or not Kosher meals.

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